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About Us

iTech Tower building  

Our Company

iTech Towers operates as the data centre business unit in Grand Ming Group Holdings Limited. It provides data centre service in its own building iTech Tower 1 since 2008 and acquired a land in late 2012 for the development of iTech Tower 2.

Our parent company, Grand Ming Group, is one of the most reliable and reputable building construction companies in Hong Kong since 1995, it is a listed company on HK Exchange (stock code 1271).

Our Mission

To provide highly reliable data centre service, from our high-tier data centre facilities, for our customer's mission critical operation.

Our Achievement

iTech Tower is the first custom-built high-tier data centre building of Grand Ming Group. The building was converted from a 12-storey industrial building, and the first data centre space was successfully delivered to our customer in 2008.

The building facilities was fully powered up to support all 5 data centre floors in 2009 by integrating with the extension building. By 2011, the iTech Tower was fully leased out for data centre operation. Customers well utilize the space and facilities, and have been running uninterrupted operation since they move in.

In late 2012, the iTech Tower 2 project was kicked off by land acquisition.

Our Customers

Our customers included multi-national data centre operators, telecommunication companies and financial institutions.

  Our Achievement