Visit by OGCIO and the media

27 May 2022

iTech Towers is delighted to have OGCIO & the media to visit us. Kingsley Wong, Assistant Government Chief Information Officer (Industry Development) and his team gave a media interview on future development of data centres in Hong Kong at iTech Tower 2 recently. 

Our Director, Herbert Chan, also invited to join the interview to share our new development of two data centre buildings in Fanling. This media interview was ended with a guided tour of our data centre space. 

We hosted this interview as our data centre showcased benefits from incentive measures support by OGCIO. Measures included waiver fee exemption for change in use of parts of existing industrial buildings, tailor-made lease modification of industrial lot and one-stop coordinated services provided by OGCIO’s Data Centre Facilitation Unit (DCFU) - all effectively help facilitate data centre industry in Hong Kong.